Flat Series
  High speed Series
  Sequins Series
  Coiling(mixed) Series
  Towel & Chainstitch Series
  Cap/T-Shirt/Tubular Series
  Multifunction Mixed Series
  Computerized quilting series
High speed Series
Main function
●8inch,10inch touch monitor computer selectable. Modern Design of operating panel, USB input port, Color LCD display showing real time stitching.
Pre—sew design trace capable
Emergencystop Color-ChangeMode:Step Color-change.
Automatic Color Change. Auto color change according the designwhen In embroider.
●Thread Trimming system:Automatic Thread Trimmer,Solenoid thread holding,step motor thread trimming And catching

●Needle Position Detecting:Rheostat The machine has multi—heads and needles,can embroider Several Colors stitch flat designs at the same time.With auto trimmer function.
●Thread Break Detecting:Thread break detection.Thread take—up spring or chopping wheel. Machine will auto stop and show the thread breakage head position if the thread break or the upper and udder the read used up when in the embroider.
●Memory:2 Million,Design Number:200 After the design file input computer can keep forever,the memory storage up to 2.OOO,OOO stitches and store 200 samples
●Language:Chinese.English,Turkish.French,Spanish. Portuguese ,Arabic,korea
●Data Transfer Floppy Disk:Pattern input/output support USB updating
●Network Function:Support multi—machine network,data transfer,state monitoring.Operating though network
●Electricity:220V/50Hz.380V/50HZ available
●Computerized Automatic control system:without human Inte rvention,to achieve embroidery automation and standardizatiOn

Main Function
The ‘PENGYU’ brand High Speed Embroidery machine widely apply batch process in the Knitting and tatting and cotton,leather.polyester.fiber.fabrics such as high—end embroidery.

Factory Option
Thread Tension Base 6/9/12/15 Needles
Operation box ColorLCDMonitor8inch/10inch/12inoh/TouchMonitor
Optional device

Simple cording Device | simpleTowel Device | Auto lubrication system | Boring Device |
Sequin Device |Simple string Device

Main motor Panasonic servo motor | Fuji Servo motor | Dahao servo motor
Guide Rail High Speed Rail Ball—Frame Guide Rail

Stitching Length 0.1~12.7mm
Speed 1000rpm
Electricity 1 phase:110v,220v.(50/60HZ)?
3 phase:380v(50/60HZ)
Data Exchange Standard USB interface of 2G USB
Safety device Standard:Emergency stop,Error Code Message
M Shaft Motor AC Servo Motor x2
X-Y Shaft Motor AC Servo Motor x2
随机附件 Accessories Included:
台板支撑及垫盘 Table Support and Washer of machine foot
部分分解图册 Exploded View of Machine
电脑说明书及U盘 Operation Manual $USB 工具箱 Tool Kit.
自动绕线机 Automatic Bobbin Winding Machine
空气压缩机(可选)Air Compressor (if Need)
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