Flat Series
  High speed Series
  Sequins Series
  Coiling(mixed) Series
  Towel & Chainstitch Series
  Cap/T-Shirt/Tubular Series
  Multifunction Mixed Series
  Computerized quilting series
Towel & Chainstitch Series
1、High speed operation at 700rpm has drastically increased productivity
2、 Automatic change of 6 colors enables versatile multi color arrgement.
3、 A setting on the operation panel allows the operator to select desired colors
4、 Embroidery computer control without human inte rvention.To achieve embroidery automation and standardization.
5、 According to choose different color pattern design configuration.Implementation to automatically change color in
The embroidery
6、 Can automatically adjust the length of towel Embroider trace.
7、 Can automatically change towel embroidery trace and chain embroidery trace, and automatically change to flat
Stitch embroidery trace。

Main Function
The looping/chain—stitch embroidery,featuring the strong 3D effect,sufficient gradation and beautiful color had broad
Prospects of development in fields of children,costume,home dress and lady’s shoes&hat widely apply batch,Process in the Table cloth, Napkin.Bed,Blanket,Pillowcase.Chil rden wear.Overpun.badge.Woollen blanket.Lady’s Shirt.Cap.Cloth.Silk.1inen etc.

Factory Option

Thread Tension Base

3/4/6/9 Needls

Operation box

Color LCD Monitor 5inch/10inch/12inch/

Optional Device

Simple Towel Device、 Auto lubrication system、 Boring Device、 Sequin Device、 Sequin String Device

Main Motor

Panasonic se rvo motor、 Fuji Servo motor、 Dahao servo motor

Guide Rail

Ball—Frame Guide Rail、 General Head Guide Rail


Highest speed

Lockstitch main shaft:850 rpm,looping embroidery main shaft :650rpm

Precision control

Minimum control stitch interval:0.1mm; stitch code range:0.1mm-12.7mm

Chenille Head Color



1 phase:l10v,220v.(50/60HZ)、 3 phase:380v(50/60HZ)

Memory capatity

2,000,000 stitches; 99designs can be saved in the memory


USB,network communication

Speed adjusting

Embroidery speed can be adjusted manually;during embroidering,rotation speed is automatically adjustable as the stitch interval change

Safety device

Standard:Emergency stop,E rro r Code Message

Main Motor

AC Servo motor x1

x—Y Shaft Motor

AC servo motor x1、 Stepping Pluse Motor x2

Accessories Included:
Table support and Washer of machine foot
Operation Manual @USB
Tool kit.
Automatic Bobbin Winding Machine
Air Compressor (if need)

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