Flat Series
  High speed Series
  Sequins Series
  Coiling(mixed) Series
  Towel & Chainstitch Series
  Cap/T-Shirt/Tubular Series
  Multifunction Mixed Series
  Computerized quilting series
Multifunction Mixed Series

Main features&funcbion;

4 In 1 Embroidery
Combinethe lockstitch,looping sequin and taping to make the more beautiful products
Wholly separated control
Looping:D Axis Axis.Needle bar lifting,Trimming
Taping:Axis.Presser foot.Swing rod
High Speed
Looping:650RPM:Taping:750RPM:Flat embroidery:850RPM
Automatic shiftof head and embroidery mode,Automatic color—changing
The heads and colol positions needed in the pattern can be setin the color-changing sequence There are 6 color positions for looping.9 for flat embroidery
Auto-adjustment on needle height
The Needle height can be set for 99 times at most in the color-changing sequence according to the pattern
Head separation
Needle bar and presser at head can separate from the main shaft.thus to automatically finish the mending
Main function:

soparato trimming in looping
The trimming device is separately controlled,thus to auto matically finish the mending
Function of feedback control system:Applying feedback control system
it's able to make precise control of needles and loop hook and it makes better embroidery;
Standby function:after finishing certain embroidering needle spresser foot will automatically lift 27mm high for the following embroidering
machine designing
It reaches 600 rpm for chain stitch and 850 rpm for flat embroidery;
embroidering speed will be auto matically Controlled during process of embroidering on the basis of differences of needles track;
additionally,servo motors and are applied for main spare parts to perfectly act ineoncert with high-tech electronics;
all of these guarantee the low noise working;
Coiling\ Zig-Zag\ Taping\ Sequin

Main uses
PENGYU'4 In l Mixed Embmidery Machine is special type embroidery machine with high pertormance-price ratio.Intergrating flat.cording.sequins and looping,and it realized the combinati on of 6-colorlooping,coloful flat。
sequins and cording embroidery.Its embroidery appears elegant.fashionable and stereoscopic. it is widely used for embroidering garments.curtains.bedding and crafts with potential development.

Factory option
Thread Tenslon Base 4、6、9 Needles
Operation box ColorLCDMonitor l0Inch/12Inch
Optional device Auto Iubrioation system / Boring Device / Sequin Device
Main Motor Panasonic servo moteor / Fuji Servo motor / Dahao servo moter
Guide Raid Plastic Guide Rail   Aluminum Guide Rail  General Head Rail Ball—Frame Guide Rail

Random accessories
Table Support and washer of machine foot
Operation Manual&USB
Tool Kit
Automatic Bobbin Winding Machine
AirCompressor(If Need)
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